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Friday 14th October 2022

We are really thrilled to welcome back the brilliant Sound of the Sirens following two previous sell-out gigs at Melbourne Assembly Rooms.

2021 was a big year for Sound of the Sirens with new management, new agency and a new album, produced by Saul Davies from the rock band ‘James’. 


Abbe Martin & Hannah Wood are two of the hardest working musicians on the scene and wear their hearts very much on their sleeves in terms of their songwriting. The pair glide gracefully through laments of past relationships, and life experiences, as well as highlighting the important topics of the day, namely mental health awareness, and homelessness.


During their live shows, they combine a natural facility for connecting with their audiences and unforgettable performances with warmth, humour and, above all, real conviction. Join us in our intimate show setting, for a night of stunning music - expect a performance of truly captivating songs from this folk rock duo,

blending their intoxicating vocal harmonies with beautifully crafted instrumentals... unmissable!

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