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"It has to be said: THIS is how to run a folk club!

Keep doing what you're doing..."

Ange Hardy via Twitter - April 2016

About Village Folk

We are a non-profit making live music organisation specialising in the very best of Folk and Acoustic Roots music and we call ourselves Village Folk.
Village Folk was set up by a group of friends, Karen, Becks, Emma, Robin, Steve and Martin to promote and stage professional music performers whose music we love to listen to and most importantly, have experienced live in the past! 
Village Folk gigs will hopefully also provide us with occasions from time-to-time, for helping new and young talent to become established, by offering them an opportunity to perform to a live audience and with professional artists.
We also like to think that the local community and surrounding areas, will be excited about coming to see professional live music on their doorstep, in an intimate setting, where they can meet and chat with their favourite artists. 
We do hope you'll join us for some of our live concerts very soon!
Happy Gigging
Village Folk x
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