Tech Spec

This page provides the technical specification of lighting and sound equipment, as well as the floor plan to assist Artists and their Crew.


FOH PA equipment details provided by Village Folk

  • Yamaha EMX 5016 CF powered mixing desk delivering 2x500 W RMS stereo output, 16 channels, inclusive of 4 stereo pairs. Digital equalisation and compression per channel with built in Phantom power.

  • Samson S DIRECT DI boxes

  • PEAVEY Messenger PRO 15 Mk II PA Enclosures

  • Mackie THUMP TH-12A powered stage monitors

  • AKG D5 Microphones and boom stands

  • Stage floor connection snake and XLR leads


Stage Lighting equipment details provided by Village Folk

  • Prolight Transcession DMX 24 channel lighting desk

  • Prolight DMX LED Parcans

  • Prolight DMX LED Cyc washes

  • CCT Profile spots

Seating Plan (see below)

  • For most concerts a 'Theatre Style' seating plan will be adopted (no tables)

  • In some cases a 'Cabaret Style' seating plan may be adopted which will include tables

  • Some concerts may be 'Standing Only' dependent on the artists playing.  This will be communicated at the point of ticket sale


Stage (see below)

  • We like our concerts to be intimate so the performance area is located at floor level.

  • Some concerts may take an 'In The Round' format which will be solely dependent on the Artists request.